Fountain Pen Nib Comparison Video

Fountain Pen Nib Comparison from dowdyism on Vimeo.

Video reviews are something I have always wanted to do more of on The Pen Addict. My friend Patrick Rhone has been doing some really nice ones recently, and seeing his work was just the push I needed to get this started.

In the video above, I did a quick comparison of a Pilot Prera F nib versus a Lamy Safari EF nib. Most experienced fountain pen users realize there are differences in nib sizes between countries, but many beginners do not. I wanted to put nib to paper and show you what the lines really look like.

Since this is my first real attempt at a video review (not counting the few webcam recordings I have done) please be brutally honest on what I can do better. I have never launched iMovie in my life prior to this. One issue I see is that there is some shaking on the camera in several frames. I'm not sure if that is me bumping the tripod, the table, or what exactly. I'll work on that next time!

Also, let me know what other topics you would like to see videos on. I think this can be a fun change of pace at The Pen Addict and I look forward to doing more.

Posted on January 13, 2012 and filed under Lamy, Pilot, Prera, Safari, Video Review.