Announcing The Pen Addict Podcast

Entering the world of podcasting has always been rattling around in the back of my brain, so I am very excited to announce that The Pen Addict Podcast has become a reality!

It took a lot of poking, prodding, and arm twisting from my co-host Myke Hurley to get me to come on board. I wasn’t convinced I could pull this off, but as the founder of the 70Decibels podcast network, Myke used his British charm to sway me and we are off and running with Episode 1.

You can subscribe to The Pen Addict Podcast directly in iTunes or download from the 70Decibels page. There is also an RSS feed and Instacast link for your iOS devices.

I am humbled to be joining such a great network of podcasts. Thanks to Myke for taking a chance on me, and I hope you will too!

P.S. Huge thanks to Aaron Mahnke and Wet Frog Studios for the amazing logo!

Posted on February 10, 2012 and filed under Podcast.