Bic Accountant Fine Ballpoint Review

Bic Accountant Fine Ballpoint

Raise your hand if you have ever owned one of these classics!

I raise mine proudly to not owning just one Bic Accountant Fine ballpoint, but many. This was one of those pens in the 80’s that I hunted down and hoarded when I was lucky enough to find them. Coming across a fine ballpoint back then was the equivalent to finding an 0.38 mm pen on the store shelf today. They were few and far between.

I received this Bic from my friend George at My Supply Room. He acquired a few dozen recently and was kind enough to send several out to readers. I was happy to get one not only for nostalgia purposes but also because these may be even harder to find now than they were back then.

These days, the Bic Accountant ballpoint does not compare well to its competitors. That’s not surprising - it isn’t trying to. Bic has other products to take up that task. The accountant is old school, and makes no bones about it with its design. Just look at that clip. So rad!

The red ink is nearly pink on the page it is so light. If a pen company came out with a pen that writes like this in 2012 I would eviscerate them, but I can’t help but smile every time I use this one. It does write impressively clean though. Not many present day ballpoints can say that.

It is great to shed light on great old pens like this Bic Accountant ballpoint. Thank you George for sending it my way!

Posted on February 13, 2012 and filed under Ballpoint, Bic, Pens For Kids.