Uni-ball Woodnote 0.38 mm Blue Review

Uni-ball Woodnote 0.38mm Blue

Brian did a great job in his review of the orange Uni-ball Woodnote and I wanted to add in my thoughts using the blue ink model as an example. This is one pen with a very wide range of pros and cons.

I thought this was a fantastic looking pen when I first saw it arrive at JetPens. The natural wooden body is striking against the bright colored plastic and it uses the Uni-ball Style Fit refills so you know it writes very well.

The pen barrel is very light though, and is narrow in diameter. I was actually surprised at how small it was when I got it. It is along the lines of the Pentel Slicci diameter-wise and even lighter. It would make for a good portable pen if you are willing to let the barrel get dinged up and add some character.

One issue I have with the Woodnote is where the wood barrel meets the plastic tip. As you might imagine, where the hex of the barrel meets the round tip section there are some rough edges. Of course, that is exactly where I grip the pen and it doesn’t feel great. If you grip the pen higher than me you should be in good shape.

If Ikea designed a pen I think it would look a lot like the Woodnote.

Posted on February 24, 2012 and filed under Pen Reviews, Uni-Ball, Woodnote.