Uni-ball Jetstream Color Series Ballpoint 0.5 mm Purple Review

Uni-ball Jetstream Color Series Purple 0.5 mm

It is very difficult to find good quality non-traditional ink colors in a ballpoint pen. Many companies try, but the ink is no better than the traditional colors that are already poor. Uni-ball is one of the only companies that gets colored ballpoint inks right and I am glad to see them expand their Color Series offerings.

It was a couple of years ago when Uni-ball expanded their Jetstream ink color offerings with the Color Ink Series (don’t get the two product lines confused). As I stated back then the colors are amazingly good but the barrel design leaves a lot to be desired. With the new Color Series, Uni-ball has taken those great colors, added a few new ones, and encased the refills in a more traditional Jetstream-styled barrel.

I went with the purple ink since that was a color I had not used previously. It is admittedly hard to see in the photo but this is a solid ink color, right in the middle of the shade spectrum. I prefer the 0.5 mm but I know many of you like the 0.7 mm. You will see an even sharper, darker line with the wider tip.

The only downside? Uni-ball did not carry over the blue black ink (check out my prediction in that post!) from the Color Ink Series to the new Color Series. It is my favorite color and would be my number one ballpoint if it were available in the new barrel style.

If it says anything about this pen, nearly ever color is sold out right now at JetPens. Restock times are generally quick for Uni-ball, so keep an eye on them and give one a shot when they come back in. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Posted on April 20, 2012 and filed under Jetstream, Pen Reviews, Uni-Ball.