Deleter Neopiko Line 2 0.3 mm Review

Deleter Neopiko

(This is a guest post by Brian Draghi. You can follow Brian on Twitter @Sketchscape)

The Deleter Neopiko Line 2 line quality is similar to the Sakura Pigma Micron felt tip drawing pen with its strong, clean, dark lines. It’s easy to compare these two pens together since they are so similar but there are a few small differences that set them apart. Felt tip pens are one of my favorites because they serve a dual function where I can use them both for sketching and writing. The ink is waterproof, archival and dries instantly making them perfect for left handed users. The Neopiko even works great on thiner paper types because it shows little to no bleed through on the page.

One great feature of the Neopiko is how securely the cap posts on the pen. The cap contains about a quarter of an inch of extruded plastic that extends on the end of the cap that snaps perfectly into the ring shaped groove on the bottom of the pen. The cap will stay locked in place even if you drop it and will stay put until you decide to remove it. The Neopiko is sightly smaller in length when posted compared to similar pens and has a nice balance and weight to it.

Deleter Neopiko

While there are many positive aspects about the Neopiko, there are also a few major drawbacks that create some problems. Compared to most of the other felt tip pens on the market this seems to have a smaller, more delicate tip that may give trouble to some of the heavy handed users out there. There is even a warning on the pen to avoid pressing the tip too hard. The Deleter Neopiko is also the most expensive of the felt tip bunch at nearly 5 dollars a pen. The problem with this is the ink for the Neopiko does not last long enough to warrant such a price.

This is a deal breaker for me considering that you can purchase a Micron pen for nearly half the price of a Neopiko with the same level of quality. Despite the drawbacks, this still is a great quality felt tip pen to use, just not something practical I would grab on a regular basis.

Posted on April 23, 2012 and filed under Deleter, Drawing Pen, Pen Reviews.