Midori Brass Bullet Pencil Holder Review

Midori Brass Bullet

Have you ever lusted after a product that you know good and well you are not going to use to its fullest capacity? The Midori Brass Bullet Pencil Holder is that item for me. My friend Patrick Ng at Scription has made them look so glamorous over the years I knew I had to have one no matter how little action it might see in my arsenal.

What makes the Brass Bullet so cool in my book is the way the barrel ages over time. It starts out as a bright gold and with only moderate use it transforms into a uniquely styled vintage writing instrument. Age and wear is a huge positive for this pencil holder. Remind me to take another set of photos a year from now.

Midori Brass Bullet Closed

From a practicality standpoint, it gives wood case pencil fans the option of portability. That doesn’t come without scarifies though. Not all pencil stubs fit in the holder (some do, and Midori does sell their own refills), and the eraser is poor at best. But wow, this is one cool pencil holder!

The sacrifices are worth it to me, but you will have to make that call for yourself. I also wonder what TSA would think if you tried to board a plane with one? Regardless, the Midori Brass Bullet is worth checking out if you are looking for something outside the ordinary.

Midori Brass Bullet Open

Posted on May 23, 2012 and filed under Midori, Pencil Reviews.