J. Herbin Vert Pre Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge Review

J. Herbin Vert Pre Ink Cartridges

If I am branching out into more fountain pen inks using cartridges still counts, right? I think so, especially if those cartridges are of the J. Herbin variety. These cartridges are the international short size, which are a perfect match for all of my favorite Kaweco pens. First on the docket for me is Vert Pre.

Being essentially an ink newbie, one of the terms I have not been able to use in previous reviews is shading. Shading, in my own layman’s translation, refers to the differentiation of color within the lines laid down on the page. Since I use mostly darker inks, I haven’t noticed much shading previously. But this Vert Pre - wow - this is what shading is all about!

I wasn’t sure how much I liked it at first in all honesty. I couldn’t focus on my writing for continually looking at the ink on the page. Once I took a step back and looked at the results though I loved it. The color variation even in single letters is something to behold. (Pro Tip: You can always click through my photos to their respective Flickr page to view them in their original size).

This is why branching out into different fountain pen inks is so much fun. I have learned something new by trying this ink out, and discovered how cool a non-traditional ink color can be.

Posted on June 20, 2012 and filed under Ink Review, J. Herbin.