Ti2 Pen Hands-On

Ti2 Titanium Pen

I mentioned in last week’s Kickstarter post that I had a Ti2 sample on the way, and now that it has arrived I wanted to share my first impressions. I do apologize for the poor lighting in the photos. Time constraints!

The very first thing that stood out when I unpackaged the Ti2 is how perfect the weight and balance felt. You feel like you are holding a strong and durable pen but it is not as heavy as you think it might be. With the cap posted it is a touch long and has a different balance point but is still very comfortable to write with. I have found myself using it mostly unposted so far.

I was curious to see how the o-rings would work on the barrel and they do surprisingly well. The ones in the grip area provide that little extra without getting in the way and both ends do a great job of holding the cap firmly in place. There is no play on the cap at all when it is on either end. We will see how they handle wear and tear over time but at least they are easily replaceable.

Kickstarter Pens

Kickstarter Family Photo: Render-K, P1, Ti2, Pen Type-A, PHX-1

Overall, I think the Ti2 is a great barrel option for the Pilot Hi-Tec-C refill. At $50 it is not cheap, but it is in line with other Kickstarter options. If you really want to step your game up take a look at the recently added Ti2 Black Edition. It is out of my budget at $125 but wow is it good looking.

Big thanks to the Ti2 team for sending me this sample!

Posted on June 6, 2012 and filed under Kickstarter, Ti2.