Uni Live Pigment Sign Pen Extra Fine Blue Review

Uni Live Pigment Sign Pen Extra Fine Blue

I have talked about the Uni Live Sign Pen on many occasions but only recently realized I never posted my review of it. This is a new to me offering from Uni but is actually an older style of pen and may have been available in Japan for a while. Pentel is well known for its Sign Pen that has been around for decades - is the Uni Live a worthy competitor?

It is more than worthy in my book. In fact, it is one of my favorite pens I have tried in a while. While it has a slightly different tip style, it reminds me of when I first tried the Sharpie Pen. The porous-style tip leaves a sharp line and the blue ink is deep and solid. So far, the tip seems to be retaining its shape well too.

It is hard to put my finger on it but there is something about this type of pen that really appeals to me. It is inexpensive, looks good, feels good, has a few color options (I have the black and red ink models as well), and comes in several widths. What’s not to love?

Posted on July 19, 2012 and filed under Pen Reviews, Sign Pen, Uni.