Pentel Slicci Techo Mini Gel Ink Pen Review

Pentel Slicci Techo Mini Gel Ink Pen

Mini pens are a tough category. Some of the best designed pens come in small packages, but using those small packages often comes at a price. Most of the time the cost is comfort at the expense of barrel diameter. A thin barrel often leads to faster writing fatigue, and therefore limits how long you can write with a pen.

A few mini pens try to shorten the length while keeping the same barrel diameter (the now discontinued Pilot Pockel comes to mind), but most shrink the barrel diameter to almost uncomfortable dimensions. I haven’t found the sweet spot for the perfect mini pen size, but the Pentel Slicci Techo is at least in the conversation.

What I like about the Techo is that barrel diameter isn’t as extreme as other mini pens. Sure it is small, but if you are already a fan of the Pentel Slicci you are used to a narrower than normal diameter to begin with. And if you aren’t but already use mini pens you will enjoy the feel of the Techo in comparison to other pens in this category.

From a writing standpoint it is the same as the Pentel Slicci, and that is good. The Slicci tip has always been a favorite of mine and having it available in a portable, EDC-type package is great. I am seeing a little bit of skipping in my first experience with it but hopefully that will work itself out. Copper also isn’t my first choice in barrel color, but I’ll make do.

There are many boxes I need to check off on the perfect mini-pen checklist and the Pentel Slicci Techo ticks nearly all of them.

Posted on July 2, 2012 and filed under Mini, Pen Reviews, Pentel, Slicci.