Ink Links

– NOS German Rifka Piston Filler (Pens…Pens…And More Pens!)

– Parker IM Review (Pen and Design)

– Gel Pen Review: Uni-Ball Style Fit v. Pilot Coleto (East…West..Everywhere)

– Lamy 2000 M with Stainless Steel Finish (kmpn)

– Review: Zebra Regal Arrow 0.7 mm Liquid Ink Pen - Orange (Gourmet Pens)

– Short Capless 1965 (Cronicas Estilograficas)

– Tombow Zoom Espana (Dave’s Mechanical Pencils)

– I’m Hillary Mason, And This Is How I Work (Lifehacker Australia)

– Marker Doodles (Rhodia Drive)

– Pilot G2 07 Gel Pen Review (Tiger Pens Blog)

– Inkcyclopedia: Noodler’s Baystate Blue (FPGeeks)

– JetPens Interview - Mike Rhode (JetPens Blog)

– Moleskine Professional Series Project Planning Notebook (Office Supply Geek)

– Parker Jotters (My Supply Room)

– Field’s Ink Green Rainbow Range (resurrected) (Palimpsest)

– First Impression: Pilot Vanishing Point / Slate Grey / Binderized Broad Stub (deliberately kp)

– Something a little different this week: Rollerballs, Gels, and Ballpoints (Pens, Ink, Beer, and Books)

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