Ink Links

-- Pencil Archaeology (Palimpsest)

-- Pilot Metal Falcon 14k Soft Extra-Fine (Ink Nouveau)

-- Circa Balanced Life Stepped Project (Office Supply Geek)

-- Review: Pelle Journal (Notebook Stories)

-- Inoxcrom 2in1 roller+highlighter (

-- Featured Pen - Allian East Meets West Maki-e (Whatever)

-- The stationery in the jury box (Note Booker, Esq.)

-- Sean McCabe's Circles Conference Sketchnotes (Shawn Blanc)

-- OTC: The AvantNext 0.5 mm Gel Pen by Staples (From the Pen Cup)

-- I love my Zebra Sharbo X BUT.... (Imy's World)

-- Midori Pen Holder (The Well-Appointed Desk)

-- Testing different writing supplies (Rhodia Drive)

-- J. Herbin Bleu Ocean 1670 Anniversary Ink (Pocket Bonde)

-- Cocoon (Cronicas Estilograficas)

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