Ink Links

– Lamy Safari Orange 2011 (kmpn)

– Pencil Review: Earthzone Recycled Pencil (A Penchant for Paper)

– Lamy 2000 and the Origins of Lamy Design, Part 4 (FPGeeks)

– Family Portrait (IV) (Cronicas Estilograficas)

– Pilot Varsity Fountain Pen (Rhodia Drive)

– Japanese Stationery Reviews! (Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi)

– Front-burnered: Lamy Safari Charcoal with Private Reserve Tanzanite Ink (From the Pen Cup)

– Stad T’Gaal Pencil Sharpener (East…West…Everywhere)

– September Carnival of Pen, Pencil, and Paper (Seize the Dave)

– The Pen is Mighty (

– Doodling with ZIG Millenium Pens (Kuretake)

– Sailor Innovation RT 1.0mm Mini-Review (Pen and Design)

– Stationery Store Series: Hennig of Dusseldorf, Germany (Palimpsest)

– Currently Inked (Gourmet Pens)

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