Pentel EnerGel Tradio Gel Ink Pen Review

Pentel Energel Tradio

The Pentel EnerGel plays third wheel to the much more popular Pilot G2 and Uni-ball Signo 207. I'm partial to the 207 myself, but why isn't the EnerGel more loved? I wish I had a good answer. Marketing dollars maybe?

Regardless, this is a great pen and users of the G-2 should take notice. Every EnerGel I have used is smoother and lays down a cleaner, faster drying line. They almost never skip, and are designed better than nearly every comparable gel ink pen on the shelf.

My favorite EnerGel model is the Euro Needle for the 0.35 mm tip size and needle-tip design but the new Tradio model is an excellent option for those who like a wider line.

Pentel first experimented with the EnerGel refill in a Tradio barrel in the Combo model, a pen which I really enjoyed. The new stand-alone model comes in at nearly a third of the cost while keeping the same general design. The main difference is a thinner, more standard sized barrel in this new model. It looks tailor-made for a 4-pack on the store shelf.

As should be expected, the EnerGel Tradio writes wonderfully. I've never had a bad experience with any EnerGel pen so that is to be expected. My only knock is the grip is slick and could use more tackiness. That is a small complaint for such and excellent writer.

My wife has already stolen this one if that tells you anything.

Pentel Energel Tradio

Pentel Energel Tradio

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Posted on November 11, 2013 and filed under Energel, Pen Reviews.