Tomoe River Paper now at JetPens

Tomoe River Paper.jpg

I heard about the mythical properties of Tomoe River Paper on various message boards and blogs earlier this year. Reading others thoughts and looking at sample pictures online I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The paper is so thin it is practically transparent, but over and over again people were touting how well it handled fountain pen inks.

A kind reader sent me a sample to try for myself, and I came away very impressed. It is the most unique paper I have ever used, handling the widest nibs and inkiest inks with ease. I even mailed a few sheets to friends telling them they HAD to try it.

Since then, Tomoe's following has grown in the US, but there hasn't always been a reliable source to order from. Now that JetPens is stocking it I hope it will be easier to acquire.

Tomoe River Paper is packaged as loose sheets in packs of 100 for $10. If you are looking for an amazing and unique writing experience I highly recommend you check it out.

Posted on November 21, 2013 and filed under Tomoe River.