Testing: The Hobonichi Planner Cover by Nock Co.

I am fortunate to work with an amazingly talented person in the form of my Nock Co. co-founder Mr. Jeffrey Bruckwicki. What he lacks in the surprise category ("I'm making you a cover for that thing for Christmas") he more than makes up for it in design and manufacturing skill. The guy has seriously got it.

To get him started, he outlined the shape of my Hobonichi Planner 2014 on a piece of paper. And that was it. About two days later I had a picture of the shell, and the day after that it was done. This is in his spare time, mind you, after working his day job and putting in long hours behind the machines for the Nock Co. Kickstarter project. To say I am impressed is an understatement.

To post this here is almost unfair because this is the only one Jeff is making...at least for this year. Maybe for the 2015 release if there is enough interest, but ordering a Hobonichi Planner from Japan is a hurdle for many people. Regardless, I just wanted to show off what Jeff came up with in a manner of hours because it blew my mind.

Hobonichi Planner Cover

The front cover is simple, just how I like it. Jeff used Midnight Blue Cordura with black binding and a zip enclosure for added protection with a pull tab to assist with zipping and unzipping.

Hobonichi Planner Cover

The innards are where this cover really stands out. The cover of the Hobonichi Planner slides easily into front and back slots to keep the book safe and stable, and there is a pen pouch on the front side which can hold a couple of your favorite writing utensils. A bookmark is stitched into the top so you can quickly access the current day in your planner.

Hobonichi Planner Cover

Party in the rear! Jeff snuck in a horizontal pocket in the back, perfect for loose sheets of paper or your favorite memo book. Did I mention the liner is the Blue Jay from our Kickstarter campaign? It is, and it is my favorite.

Hobonichi Planner Cover

One last sneak attack on the backside with another horizontal pocket. Perfect for index cards. I wonder if anyone will be releasing new index cards next year to fill these pockets? Hmmm...

This design nailed any and every high point I could think of. The funny thing is I didn't have to think of any. Jeff was in my brain and knocked this design out of the park.

The future is bright, folks.

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Posted on December 23, 2013 and filed under Nock Co., Hobonichi.