Pilot Lettering Pen Review

Pilot Lettering Pen

One of the fondest memories of my penmanship transformation took place when I was an assistant golf professional in the early 90's. It's not as glamorous as it sounds - low pay, long hours - but the perks were incredible. I was able to play golf at some of the best courses in the Southeast, among other things.

My daily duties were standard golf shop fare, but one of the things I enjoyed the most was writing the scoreboards for the tournaments held at our course. I was recruited for that task as soon as the other employees saw my daily handwriting, and I cherished the hours I was able to sit in the office and create 100-plus name scoreboards. I have a sickness.

Why bring this up now? The pens I used back then, albeit larger, remind me of the Pilot Lettering Pen. The chisel tip allows for calligraphy-style lettering, which even if you have no skills gives your writing a bit of fancy that can be appreciated.

Pilot Lettering Pen

I used the size 10 tip in my writing sample above, which is the smallest available. The size 20 and size 30 look approximately double the width as the size below them, giving you a wide range of lines if you pick up all three. In using the 10, my block style print looks nice and sharp, although the left-to-right lines are not as fine as would be found in a fountain pen stub nib for example. There is variance, just not extreme.

The pigment ink in the Pilot Lettering pen is water-resistant and lightfast, making these pens good for everything from addressing envelopes to artwork. The barrel is comfortable in the hand and the lime green color is sharp looking.

I love keeping one of these pens handy at all times. The only thing I would like to see is a wider range of colors than black and red. Hopefully those will appear in the future.

Pilot Lettering Pen

(JetPens is an advertiser on The Pen Addict and I received this product at no charge.)

Posted on December 4, 2013 and filed under Pilot, Pen Reviews.