There's An App For That ... And I Don't Want It

A couple of weeks ago as I was getting ready for my weekend grocery store run I mentioned on Twitter that I was rewriting my shopping list in order of the store layout. This is a normal thing for me in an effort to make my life easier.

I got a few immediate responses stating there were several grocery store apps that do just this thing. My first thought was "Fantastic!" but within about five minutes it hit me: If I use an app for this task that is one less opportunity to use the pens and paper that I love so much.

I love my iPhone and all of the apps that help me communicate, manage my day, or entertain me during my free time. But I love my pens and paper even more, and if I have the choice, they are going to win almost every time. There is no app that will give me the same satisfaction.

Posted on February 15, 2013 .