Top 5 Pens

And the crowd shouts "Finally!"

It has been since last summer that I have updated my Top 5 Pens list and boy have I heard it from many of you. Since I have been so slow to update my list, I have instituted a change that will hopefully help me keep it more up to date.

See that sidebar over to the left? It now contains a link to a page I created for my Top 5 Pens. And it is not just a regular Top 5 list, but rather a grouping of Top 5 lists that many of you have asked for in the past. I thought having one overall list, plus several underlying lists with a more specific focus was a great idea and I have tried to implement some of the most popular lists you have asked for.

Since this page is a continual work in progress, I will be adding more images, features, commentary, and even more lists. If you have any suggestions for the future please let me know!

Posted on March 25, 2013 and filed under Top 5.