Noodler's Apache Sunset Ink Review

Noodler's Apache Sunset

Noodler's Apache Sunset fountain pen ink is one of those inks you have to see in person to really appreciate. I was the beneficiary of a sample vial of this wonderful ink from one of my Twitter friends (thanks Anne!), and I have to say it is a real stunner.

I am unintentionally continuing my orange theme from last week but it had to be done. I have been sitting on this review for about a month now and was chomping at the bit to get it out there. What I love the most about this ink is the depth of color. It is so rich, even in the lightest shaded areas. And that shading, wow! It is one of the best I have personally tested, with a wide range of orange, brown, and yellow coming through.

I haven't purchased a bottle yet, but I plan to in the near future. I received a Pilot Falcon last night with an SEF nib that has a little flex. I wanted to load a bright, highly shaded ink into it, but found I was lacking in that category (I already used this sample up.) What inks that fit that criteria do you use in your flex pens? Let me know in the comments.

Noodler's Apache Sunset

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