Welcome Back JetPens!

I have a long and wonderful history with JetPens.com, dating back to the beginning of this blog and including a short stretch of employment. They are my go-to pen and paper retailer and I am happy to have them back on board as an advertiser.

Why should you care about this? Because I care about the reader experience more than anything on The Pen Addict and whenever I make a change like this everyone needs to know.

My stance on advertising is that I want to keep it minimal and unobtrusive. Also, any advertiser that I work with knows up front that I will be nothing but honest about the products I review - both good and bad - regardless of our relationship. I think my 5+ year review history shows that.

Nothing else really changes other than the fact I will have more direct access to new products and I will be able to run more giveaways, which had all but stopped. Both of those things are positives for everyone in my book.

Thank you JetPens, and welcome back!

Posted on April 9, 2013 and filed under JetPens.