Taking Requests

From time to time on The Pen Addict I like to open up the floor for requests. I want to review the products you want me to review and discuss the topics you want me to discuss. Making this blog as user friendly as possible is always at the top of my priority list, so don't hesitate to let me know your thoughts. Here are some examples of what I would love to know:

  1. What products would you like me to review? Leave a link in the comments section and I will see what I can do. And remember, the search box is your friend. Check first to see if I have reviewed it already.

  2. What topics would you like to hear us discuss on the podcast? Myke and I are always looking for suggestions.

  3. How is the usability of the blog? Is there a change that would improve your experience?

Those are just some ideas. Anything is fair game. Please leave a comment on this post, or get in touch via the contact page, Twitter, or ADN if you prefer.

Ponder these questions to the criminally underrated band Ride...

Posted on June 21, 2013 .