Maxmadco Retractable Pen Review

Maxmadco Retractable

One of the fun things about writing this blog is getting emails from readers talking about their favorite pens. As if you didn't know this already, people are passionate about their pens, and love to share the ones that make them happy. Many times I have heard of and likely used the pens in question, but an email from Joe a few months back introduced me to something brand new.

How the Maxmadco Retractable Pen was not on my radar is a shocker to me because it pushes all of my buttons. Aluminum body, anodized black finish, tight clip, a very responsive spring loaded bolt style mechanism, and made in the USA - what's not to love? Joe let me borrow his and from the moment I took it out of the box I was impressed.

As I wrote in the sample above, this is what a 10 out of 10 build quality looks like. The Maxmadco Retractable is flawlessly designed and manufactured. It is so clean and sleek I just kept looking at it instead of writing with it. Before getting it in my hands I was worried the bolt would protrude too much from the side but my concerns were unfounded. It is subtle enough to stay out of the way but substantial enough to allow for quick engagement. Very well done.

Maxmadco Retractable

The supplied refill is the medium Parker Gel which was ok for the review, but if it were my own pen I would swap it out for another Parker compatible refill like my favorite 0.5 mm Moleskine Gel. The Fisher Space Pen refill would be another consideration.

The only hangup with this pen is the price. At $85 dollars it is fairly priced but that is outside of the no-brainer purchase zone for me. I will own one someday soon (it comes in stainless steel also) but I need to save up my pennies before jumping in. If you want that one pen you can take anywhere and will last a long time the Maxmadco Retractable should be on your radar.

Thanks again to Joe for letting me borrow this outstanding pen!

Maxmadco Retractable

Posted on July 22, 2013 and filed under Maxmadco, Pen Reviews.