Pentel Sign Pen Review

Pentel Sign Pen

There are many pens with long and respected histories but not too many can compete with the history of the Pentel Sign Pen. What pen can claim they were left for dead shortly after introduction only to be resurrected by a US President and go on to live a long and healthy life? (More on this later)

Surprisingly enough, I have never reviewed the traditional Pentel Sign Pen before. Despite their history, they aren't the easiest pens to find on a store shelf, and I never bothered with buying a dozen from Amazon or ordering directly from Pentel. Luckily my dealer - street name "JetPens" - came through recently with flying colors. And by colors, I mean 11 of them.

Instead of going with the standard blue or black that would have made me feel more Presidential, I went with Sky Blue, which made me feel more, I don't know, fun? It is a fantastic color.

Pentel Sign Pen

The Pentel Sign pen is more of a marker than a pen but I can see why it was so popular for signatures back in the day. This pen is designed for big, loose, sweeping strokes, allowing the user to tear through hundreds of signatures with consistency and ease. The fiber tip pen leaves a bold line that is unmistakable.

Is there much use for this style of pen today? Outside of artists and designers, maybe not, but it is worth owning at least one so you can say you own a piece of writing history.

Want more on the history of the Pentel Sign Pen? Don't miss this amazing manga .pdf about its creation.

(JetPens is an advertiser on The Pen Addict and I received this product at no charge.)

Posted on July 25, 2013 and filed under Pentel, Pen Reviews, Sign Pen.