Launch Day for Nock Co. - Pen Cases Hand Made in the USA

The Brasstown - Our Zip Roll Pen Case

The Brasstown - Our Zip Roll Pen Case

Launch day is finally here! Nock Co. - Pen Cases Made in the USA is now live on Kickstarter so please head over and check it out.

Go on. I'll wait.

This is an exciting time for me and my Nock Co. partner Jeffrey. We have a desire to make great products, and today marks a huge milestone in fulfilling that dream. I could go on and on about the products and how everything came together, but really, head over to the Kickstarter page, watch the video, look at the products, read the descriptions, check out the reward levels, and let me know what you think.

Jeffrey and I will be around all day to answer any questions you have so please let us know how we can help.

Thank you for your support!

Posted on September 30, 2013 and filed under Nock Co..