Tactile Turn Mover Pen Review

Will Hodges and I have played email tag since he launched his first Kickstarter campaign for the EiMIM Pen in 2012. We have never been able to get in sync for a product review until now but the wait has been worth it. The Tactile Turn Mover is one of the best machined pens I have reviewed.

Will sent over a sample of the Dark Red Mover pen for me to check out and I was impressed right out of the envelope. First of all, the Dark Red finish is spotless. Admittedly, this would not have been my first color choice but I am glad I got to see how nice it is in person. Pictures don't do it justice.

Color aside, what really stands out with the Mover is the overall fit, feel, and finish of the pen. In the hand it feels outstanding. The weight is good, the balance is solid, the clip is tight, the knock is quiet, and the grip - wow - the grip is awesome. Will calls the grip a "custom lay pattern". The conical grooves start at the tip of the pen and run about an inch up the barrel. When gripping the pen it feels like your fingers lock into place, but it is comfortable at the same time. Much more so than a traditional knurled pattern which can get rough to hold over time if not done right.

Dat Grip.

Dat Grip.

The Mover ships with an 0.38 mm Pilot G-2 refill, and fits a wide variety of other refills as well. Will can add another to the list: The Pilot Juice. I recently bought a few 0.38 mm blue black pens to have on hand so I swapped in that refill and went to town. It fit perfectly with no modifications and no gap around the tip opening. The tolerances seem to be spot-on.

Along with the Mover, Will is offering up the Shaker which takes Fisher Space Pen and compatible refills. Both models come in the standard aluminum machined finish, as well as Black, Dark Red, Desert Sand, and Green anodized finishes.

While I received this review sample at no charge I am so happy with it I put my money where my mouth is and backed this project for an additional Mover. Well done Will, and for your next Kickstarter I would like you to manufacture that bitchin' jacket you are wearing in the video.

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Posted on January 20, 2014 and filed under Kickstarter, Pen Reviews, Tactile Turn.