Pen Chalet (Sponsor)

If you are a Pen Addict Podcast listener then you know how great Pen Chalet is. They carry all of the top pen brands such as Aurora, Delta, Kaweco, Lamy, Pilot, Pelikan - the list goes on and on. And the best part? They are an authorized dealer of all the brands they carry so you know you are getting quality goods backed by great customer service.

Sailor manufactures some of my favorite fountain pens on the planet and Pen Chalet stocks the full lineup. Their latest release, the Pro Gear Sky, is a beautiful blue demonstrator with Rhodium trim, and comes in all three barrel sizes - Slim, Standard, and King of Pen. Everyone needs a Sailor in their life.

A proud brand that has climbed back into prominence, Shaeffer is designing pens that make you pay attention. The Shaeffer Taranis features a sleek, modern design with a unique hooded nib. Also available in ballpoint and rollerball models, it is a striking pen that is sure to create envy among your friends.

Pen Chalet stocks everything you need for a wonderful writing experience. From fountain pens and rollerballs, to paper, ink, refills, and accessories they have you covered. Pen Chalet has a page full of special offers exclusively for readers of the Pen Addict. Hit the link and see what you discover!

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Posted on October 20, 2014 and filed under Featured Sponsor.