Huckberry (Sponsor)

With the holiday shopping season in full swing there is no better store than Huckberry to help you cross those items off your shopping list. Huckberry has been a long time supporter of The Pen Addict and I am very excited to have them as a sponsor this week.

Huckberry's team of writers, designers, and doers brings you the coolest gear from around the world at the best prices. Pens and paper are a main part of their offerings, including some of my favorite machined pens: The Mover from Tactile Turn and the Render K from Karas Kustoms. These pens feature high quality construction and tight tolerances that make for an awesome writing experience.

You need something to capture all of your brilliant ideas in too, right? How about Huckberry's own specially designed Word. Notebook, featuring a compass logo on the front cover and only available at Huckberry.

I could write for days about all of the incredible products Huckberry stocks. I bought my first Topo Designs backpack from them years ago, and they carry other quality brands such as Danner, Fjällräven, Woolrich, and many, many more.

Huckberry does things the right way, including creating the one email newsletter you will actually want to receive in your inbox. It is that good, and so are they. Sign up for Huckberry today (it's free!) and experience shopping the way it is meant to be.

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Posted on November 10, 2014 and filed under Featured Sponsor.