BIGiDESIGN Ti-Click Pens (Sponsor)

Retractable pens are a wonderful option for writing portability and BIGiDESIGN provides the high quality design and refill flexibility to make your perfect pen.

Not wanting to pigeonhole you into one barrel style, BIGiDESIGN has four retractable models to suit your needs. The Ti-Click Classic and Ti-Click Pro (with stylus tip) are made to fit longer roller ball and gel style refills, such as the Montblanc Roller and Fineliner, the Uni-ball Signo RT, and two of my personal favorites, the Pilot Juice and Pilot Hi-Tec-C Cavalier.

If you are looking for a more pocketable retractable pen, the Ti-Click RT and Ti-Click RTS (with stylus tip) use shorter Parker-style refills, such as the Schmidt 9000M Easy Flow, Moleskine 0.5 mm gel, and the world famous pressurized Fisher Space Pen ink cartridge.

The choices for customizing your writing experience are nearly infinite. My perfect setup of late has been the Ti-Click Classic loaded out with a Pilot Juice 0.38 mm gel ink refill. I get a beautiful, durable pen that I can take anywhere and a clean, fine line that makes writing a pleasure. What a combination.

With Christmas right around the corner, check out all of the offerings from BIGiDESIGN and find out what refills (available separately) fit their titanium pen barrels to make the perfect gift for you or a pen friend. Be sure to use the code "PENADDICT" at checkout for $5 off your order over $50 which includes FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!

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Posted on November 3, 2014 and filed under Featured Sponsor.