Pentel Hybrid Technica Gel Ink Pen Review

So did the Pentel Hybrid Technica vanish from JetPens, or is it such an average pen that it never really went away and I only noticed it again when the 0.4 mm tip sizes popped into the new products feed? Knowing myself the way I do, my money is on the latter.

Average is ok in my book though, as that places it ahead of most pens that you find in the office or out and about. To put it into perspective, I consider the Pilot G2 an average pen. The barrel is strong and sturdy and the ink flows well. What keeps it from being in the top tier with pens like the Uni-ball Signo DX is that the line is not quite as sharp and the grip is slighty waxy. These are things I can feel when writing and are noticeable when compared to its peers.

As an option, I added the 0.3 mm refill to my order and that refill is superior to the 0.4 mm for me. It's cleaner and sharper, which stand to reason being a small size. Regardless, it was better to write with and going with the 0.3 mm barrel from the get go would have been the better choice.

One bonus if you are considering the Pentel Hybrid Technica is that they fit the Pentel Slicci perfectly, as in it is the exact same refill size an shape. An excellent option for those who want a wider Slicci barrel.

Overall, this is a solid pen, and if you are a fan of Pentel pens and inks you won't be disappointed.

(JetPens is a sponsor of The Pen Addict and this product was received at no charge.)

Posted on December 12, 2014 and filed under Hybrid Technica, Pen Reviews, Pentel.