Paper Mate Flair Review

The Paper Mate Flair is one of those pens that even your non-pen addict friends know about. It has been around for decades, and with good reason. It is a darn fine pen.

When I was growing up, the black Flair was a weapon of choice, with a bit of blue and red trickiling in over the years. It was a workhorse, although was prone to tip breakdown due to the design. This is normal with felt tip pens like the Flair, and is something you just have to deal with.

The newer model Flair has more of a plastic tip feel, giving it a sharper line and added durability over the original. I'll miss the fuzz I used to get off the original, but there is no doubt this is an upgrade.

I'm not sure when the rainbow of colors first came into the Flair line - I'm guessing the 90's - but the latest models are as good as ever. The colors are vibrant, and exactly what you would expect from the product descriptions. I went with a Sky Blue / Lime / Orange trio as you can see in the images, and I love them all. I use pens like this for notes and lists, not for long writing sessions. Black works for that, and I have enough black felt tip pens to last me a lifetime. Give me the brightness!

All in all, the Paper Mate Flair is a very solid pen. It will never be spectacular, but it will always be useful. That's why I always keep several around.

Posted on December 29, 2014 and filed under Paper Mate, Pen Reviews.