Kaweco AL Sport Fountain Pen Giveaway Winner

I use Random.org to pick the winners of all of my giveaways. I also screengrab the results and save them off to a folder, but I almost never post them to the site. Frankly, there is no need. I have neither the time or the inclination to mess with the results. Click the button, get the number, find the winner. The end. This one though, this one had to be posted because it was pretty awesome:

Kaweco AL Random.JPG

I don't think Random.org has landed on #1 before for a giveaway on The Pen Addict, and if it did, it was certainly for a giveaway with waaaay fewer entrants. I thought it was pretty cool! Anyway, I'm pretty sure I will hear from the winner on short notice:

Kaweco AL Winner.JPG

Congrats Andy! Get in touch and I will get your pen shipped out ASAP.

Thanks to everyone who entered and big thanks to JetPens for making this possible!

Posted on February 14, 2014 and filed under Giveaways, Kaweco.