Kaweco 14k Gold Two-Tone Medium Nib Review

I like new fountain pen nibs almost as much as I like new fountain pens. Many companies offer replacement nibs for their pens, and for those that do, I find myself owning at least two different nibs. Why? Swapping an EF nib out for a 1.1 mm stub, or something similar, gives a completely different writing experience and makes for a more useful pen.

Kaweco, on the whole, makes this very easy to do. When I was just a novice fountain pen user it was eye-opening when I first found out how to change a Kaweco nib. This amazed me, because something that I thought was too advanced for me at the time was so simple. I had no idea at the time how it would open up an entirely new world to me.

I have several Kaweco pens on my desk, but I use a total of two nibs between all of them. A stock steel EF nib, and a modified B nib that Shawn Newton turned into a cursive italic, as seen in action here. This way, I always have my favorite nib handy for use in whichever compatible Kaweco I want to break out.

I've been anxious to try out one of the new Kaweco 14k nibs since I heard of their existence, so I appreciate Kaweco loaning me this one for review. It is a real stunner to look at, with the two-tone gold making a great visual impression. Performance wise, it is just as you might expect. It is smooth, soft, and consistent, with a feel similar to its German counterparts such as Pelikan or Lamy. The medium nib is not fine enough for my taste, so I would be looking to modify it, but those who like a wide Western line should enjoy it.

The price is as you would expect for a 14k gold nib these days, if not a touch high. Fontoplumo is the only place I see it available right now and it will run you €120, or approximately $140. I'd be more comfortable paying closer to $100, but with the versatility it brings in fitting a huge range of Kaweco models (Liliput, AL Sport, AC Sport, Luxe Sport, Special, Allrounder, Dia chrome, Dia gold, Elegance, Student) it may be worth a splurge.

Check out more reviews of the 14k solid colored BB nib at Gourmet Pens and The Well-Appointed Desk. My thanks to Kaweco for letting me test out this excellent nib.

Posted on January 12, 2015 and filed under Pen Reviews, Fountain Pens, Kaweco.