AskPA: Punting On The Prera

@chiroho: @dowdyism What sort of cloth do you wipe your fountain pens with when inking them? Do you use something different when cleaning them? #AskPA

If I am doing a cleaning session where I have myself set up at the sink and going to town on a bunch of pens I use a plain paper towel. I generally have it damp, but I really take no other precautions than that, and it works well for me.

@chiroho: @dowdyism You said ink like J Herbin Stormy Grey is best used for dipping. What calligraphy dip pens/nibs would you recommend? #AskPA

I use a Morriset (no relation to Morrissey) glass dip nib. I have two: One screws into a handle made for me by Shawn Newton, the other, possibly more useful one, fits most old Esterbrook pens. They aren't impossible to find, and when you do they run under $10 from what I have seen. Definitely worth hunting down.

Pilot Custom 74 Orange Barrel

Pilot Custom 74 Orange Barrel

@elpmike: @dowdyism #AskPA Fave sub-$250 FP with a F/EF gold nib? And, fave ≤0.5 rollerball/gel pen that comes in more than 6 colors? Thanks!

The sub-$250 gold nib fountain pen could go so many different directions. Lamy 2000 is the easy answer, but I have been using my Pilots - the 74, 91, 92, and 912 - a ton recently. All easily fit in that price range, with my orange Custom 74 and blue Custom 92 getting the most action.

Fave sub-0.5 mm gel ink pen with great than six colors available is easy: Uni-ball Signo UM-151 0.38 mm (aka the DX).

@Sketchscape: @dowdyism If you could only ink up three fountain pens for the next six months, what would they be? #askPA

I love this type of question! Number one is easy: Nakaya Portable Ao-Tamenuri with Fine cursive italic nib. It's much tougher after that, but the Pilot Custom Heritage 912 PO nib would be second, and a relatively new to me Lamy 2000 with a Bold cursive italic nib that I am having a ton of fun with. Interestingly, all three are black barrel pens.

@mattbrictson: @dowdyism What are your thoughts these days on the Pilot Prera? You spoke very highly of it back in episode 2 (“My Favorite Pens”) #AskPA

Follow up! The nib on the Prera is fantastic, but overall there are better options these days. The Pilot Metropolitan has usurped it by having a metal barrel and the same nib at less than half the price. I'd even go TWSBI 580 over it for ~$15 more. The Prera has fallen behind and could use an overhaul.

@Nic_v5: @dowdyism Are you an early bird or just a night owl? I'm up because I'm stuck in the office all night with IBM support. Your excuse? #askpa

I'm an early bird stuck working 3rd shift for the past few years. That doesn't work out too well for me.

That's all for this week! I have plenty more to get to, and if you want to add your question to the list be sure to use the hashtag #AskPA on Twitter.

Posted on January 29, 2015 and filed under AskPA.