Three Questions With Patrick Rhone

To know Patrick Rhone is to love him. I'm a big fan of all of his work, from Minimal Mac, to The Cramped, to his many books. Did you know Patrick is one of the reasons the Pen Addict Podcast exists? Yep, that too. My thanks to Patrick for taking the time to answer Three Questions.

1. What role do analog tools such as pens, pencils, and paper play in your day to day life?

That's like asking me what role does walking play in my day to day life. I mean, I find that rarely a few minutes go by when I'm not interacting with some analog tool or resource. Be it writing notes, changing the status of items on a task list, reading a book (yes, the dead tree kind), or logging something in my daily log. I just simply love paper and use paper and pen constantly. I always have it within reach. Even when I'm sleeping because I have had whole books reveal themselves in dreams and I need to make sure I can capture those when I'm startled awake by them.

2. What are your favorite products you are currently using?

Gosh, not sure where to start. Here are a few:

I'm really loving the Pilot Metropolitan right now. I have a ton of fountain pens at all price and quality levels but find I use this one mainly these days. It's not only a great "starter" fountain pen it is a reliable and steadfast "every day" pen.

I also have pretty much abandoned all other pocket notebooks in favor of the Muji A6 Craft Cover notebooks. They actually take fountain pen ink very well despite the fact the paper is recycled. I use fine nibs as my handwriting is pretty small so your millage here may vary. But, I have also fallen in love with the A6 as a size. I have found that it is the perfect size of notebook for me — a bit more wide than the US standard. This is likely due to my love of...

The Hobonichi Techo that I use as a Journal and Daily Log. This has become my most prized possession. Like, if the house caught fire I'd grab my wife, my kid, my pets, and this thing and go running out the door still in my underwear and watch the rest of it burn to the ground (the fire would keep me warm so who needs clothes, right?). It is the only journal or log that I have continuously maintained for more than a few months. And, thats because it is a joy and pleasure to use. Especially the Tomoe River paper that it is filled with.

Speaking of Tomoe River paper, I'm currently researching and writing my next book in a Seven Seas "WRITER" A5 Journal from Nanami Paper and Supply. I also got the faux leather cover for mine at the same time. It, also, is a pleasure to write in with a fine pen and gives the work a greater elegance and gravity. Makes my writing feel important even if it is not.

3. What post are you the most proud of on your blog?

Actually, on The Cramped it is a post that I felt was more of a manifesto so I made it a page, Why Analog?

It states, definitively, why I use analog tools, why they still matter, and why they remain better than digital for so many reasons.

Posted on January 31, 2015 and filed under Three Questions.