Thursday is generally an open spot on the Pen Addict publishing calendar and I want to use this day going forward to answer more reader emails and questions that I can publish and share with everyone. There are two simple ways to participate:

  1. If you are a Twitter user, tag your tweets with #AskPA. A little IFTTT magic sends all of those questions to a file and I will grab and answer as many as I can each Thursday. All topics are fair game, from pens and paper, to blogging, music, and anything else you want to ask about.

  2. If your question doesn't fit into 140 characters or less, I am always open to email. The easiest way is to use the Contact Page, which lands directly in my inbox.

I'm big on openness, communication, and conversation, and I always want to keep it a two-way street around here. Making it easy for you to reach out and get your questions answered is a priority, and many times answers to your questions help out other readers as well.

Have fun, and don't troll my hashtag too hard. I'm looking at you Toffer.

Posted on January 8, 2015 and filed under AskPA.