Pelikan M205 Amethyst Fountain Pen Review

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The Pelikan M205 is one of the highly regarded "entry level" fountain pens out there, and one of the best options for an affordable piston-filler pen. Sure, there's TWSBI, but what if you want something in a solid barrel, or with other color options? Pelikan has you covered.

If you remember, I wrote about the new Pelikan Edelstein ink for 2015 last week — Amethyst. Well, Pelikan also created a special version of their popular M205 with the same color for 2015. That's right — a semi-translucent amethyst barrel. It's gorgeous, but it's also my first experience with a Pelikan pen. The Amethyst Pelikan M205 is a pretty pen, but how does it write?

Like I mentioned, the M205 is a piston-filler fountain pen that comes with a steel nib. Pelikan, a German fountain pen and ink company, are known for their beautiful line of fountain pens and inks that many people collect or wish to try. There's always plenty of Pelikans at the pen shows I've attended, so I'm surprised I'm only just getting around to trying one out. First impressions? It's a fantastic pen.


The Amethyst M205 is an amethyst demonstrator. Yeah, you can see the innards of the pen, but the amethyst resin is fairly dark, so you mostly notice the color of the pen instead of the insides. To me, it has to be translucent to give the proper effect. Remember, the color is taken from the gem, which is also translucent. In my opinion, it looks great.

Pelikan M205 Amethyst vs Pearlette.jpg

The pen is smaller than I expected. It's much smaller than a TWSBI or Lamy Safari. It's even smaller than a Pilot Metropolitan. The closest sized pen I own is the Edison Pearlette. It's nearly identical in size, which is fairly small. I'd say it's also similar in size to a Pilot Prera.

The Pelikan logo sits atop the cap of the pen and is hard to miss. Personally, I like the logo, so I really appreciate the emblem on top. It's classy — black and white — so I think it goes well with the pen. Then, the clip is another favorite feature of mine. It's strong and works well, but I think it's a great-looking clip. It has a nice swoop at the business end, and it's always really easy to clip the pen to a case, pocket, bag, etc.

The cap screws on and has a good quality feel. The pen can post, but I tend to use it unposted. The piston mechanism also feels really great.

The furniture/accents on this pen are silver, not gold.

The nib is fairly plain compared to other nibs. There's not much on it besides the Pelikan logo and nib size indicator. It's a long and skinny nib, which matches the pen's overall aesthetic.

Overall, I think it's a very handsome pen.


So, how does it write? It's mediocre. With my copy of the pen, it was a little scratchy at first. Some minor adjustments mostly cleared up the issue, but it's still not perfectly smooth. It's an EF nib, but it's still possible to achieve a glassy feel even in a nib of this size.

If you've owned a few pens in your day, you know that nib issues are fairly standard ground with most pens in this price range. Still, it's disheartening to spend $140 on a pen that doesn't write perfectly since that's the primary function.

Still, with the slight scratch, it writes well. There's never been a flow issue, it does fairly well after being unused for a day or two, and it feels great in the hand.


The Amethyst Pelikan M205 is a beautiful pen. It's a great size for a small pen, and it has some really nice features. If the color really grabs you, you'll love this pen. If the color isn't your thing, I think you could find something more enjoyable in the same price range. For example, for about $20 or $30 more, you could buy a Lamy 2000 or a Pilot Vanishing Point — both with gold nibs. The Pelikan has a steel nib, but it also features a design that is unique to Pelikan. So, if it calls to you, go for it! It's a timeless design that will never get old.

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