Platinum 3776 Century Chartres Blue Fountain Pen Review

The Platinum 3776 Century Chartres Blue is not the first 3776 I have owned or reviewed, but it is the first 3776 that I have felt like was designed for me.

I’m particular, we all are. Especially when it comes to spending non-trivial amounts of money on fountain pens. I could have bought a standard 3776 years ago if I wanted to settle for one with gold trim. I didn’t want to settle, so I waited. And waited. Rhodium trim limited edition models came and went, and I jumped on the Sai when it became available, but I was holding fast for Platinum to decide that their stock, gold nib, entry level fountain pen was deserving of the rhodium trim treatment.

It finally happened in early 2015. Platinum added rhodium trim throughout the 3776 lineup. And it was beautiful. It didn’t happen with every model, but Chartres Blue was the pen that benefitted the most, and they even added the Black Diamond barrel, which, like Chartres Blue and Bourgogne, has a very sublte demonstrator look.

While the barrels look and feel great, the 14 karat gold nibs are what make Platinum pens the favorite of many. They are different in a way that only Platinum has been able to pull off. Unfortunately, the feel of the nib is very difficult to explain in words.

The best way I have found to describe it is that there is a pencil-like feedback when writing. Imagine if you held a pencil in your hand and dragged it across a piece of paper without gripping the pencil. As lightly as possible, no pressure in your fingertips. You hear the sound of the graphite on the page. You hear Platinum nibs when you write with them.

This sounds like a negative, right? It’s hard to explain how it isn’t, but you need to try it. It’s a wonderful feel. If you did a blind test of basic 14k Pilot, Sailor, and Platinum nibs you might mix up the Pilot and Sailor offerings, but I promise you will know which one is the Platinum.

The line these wonderful nibs leave is right up my alley. Crisp, clean, and even across every letter. Consistency is their hallmark, making them perfect every day writers.

Now that rhodium has happened, I need Platinum to start expanding the 3776 lineup even further. Bourgogne in rhodium trim would be a great start, but making the UEF nib more widely available is something I personally want, although admittedly it would not be a top seller. What about stub nibs? Does Platinum even make one in any pen outside of the Nakaya brand?

You are on your way Platinum. Make it happen!

(Goulet Pens provided this pen at no charge to The Pen Addict for review purposes.)

Posted on December 14, 2015 and filed under Fountain Pens, Pen Reviews, Platinum.