Making Light Artisan Candles (Sponsor)

Doing your best work is important, and finding that ritual and laser focus required to get things done is key. Making Light makes it easier to do work that matters with their wonderfully fragrant, hand-poured candles.

Dan, the proprietor of Making Light, has sent me samples of his candles in the past, and I can honestly say they are the best candles I have ever used. The scents are perfectly balanced, strong enough to notice, but not overpowering enough to take you away from the task at hand. The use of something real and tangible like a candle from Making Light engages your senses in a way that digital tools do not.

Making Light offers several options to get you started, ranging from a one month gift to a 12 month subscription. Each month you will receive two 100% botanical soy wax candles, a sample of the following month's scent, and a box of matches to fire up your daily ritual. Readers of The Pen Addict can also get $5 off their next order by using the code "POSTCARDS" at checkout.

Try out a candle from Making Light and see how it can change your daily routine for the better.

Posted on December 7, 2015 and filed under Featured Sponsor.