Three Questions With Grace McCarter Of The Bento Buff


One of the coolest things about writing this blog is learning new things from awesome people. Grace helped me do both because, one, she is awesome, and two, her blog The Bento Buff has taught me about a topic I was completely unfamiliar with previously. My thanks to Grace for answering Three Questions.

1. What role do analog tools such as pens, pencils, and paper play in your day to day life?

I think that analog tools play such variety of roles in my life that it's difficult to give it just one role. I use analog tools for anything from making a "cut here" sort of line to creating plans for various things, whether a to-do list of the day, outlining a project, or writing up a rough draft for a blog post that suddenly and inconveniently pops into my head.

Perhaps, it would be that the role that these analog tools help me to express an idea in my head, of something I want to do and a way to go about it.

2. What are your favorite products you are currently using?

My vintage Esterbrook fountain pen (J series, Lever Filler, 1550 Nib) which is not a pen for everyone. Since the nib is worn to my handwriting style it seems to skip a lot for others. This pen is great for people on a budget and wanting something classy, and as a left-handed fountain pen user, and the barrel is all stained from before I knew how to handle it properly (now I know, thanks to an episode on pen care from the Pen Addict Podcast, hehe).

Then there's my purse. For those of you whom want specifics, it's the Guess Cheatin Heart Avery Satchel in Cement, but it's basically a long tallish triangle, and it fits everything I could need in a day with work, college and socializing except my water bottle.

Lastly it's my bento boxes. To the readers whom may not know, they're pretty much glorified lunch boxes. You could make a bento style meal in even a Tupperware container, but if you're into aesthetics like I am, a Monbento box is the way to go. I have a plain black one and a green and white one that I use near daily.

3. What post are you the most proud of on your blog?

Since I have to pick, I'd say my Evernote themed bento. My fangirling over Evernote aside, I think this post came out beautifully. It's one of the first posts where I really took an attractive photograph of a bento meal using the techniques my photographer friends taught me, and where I really started to go more nuts with the variety of foods in my bento meals, not just applying the rule of 50,25,25. I love how the colors came out and the whole meal looks. Basically, this post is symbolic of my leveling up!

Posted on February 7, 2015 and filed under Three Questions.