Uni Mitsubishi 9000 Pencil 3H Review

I would hesitate to call 2015 the year of the pencil for me personally, but dang if I'm not finding myself using them more and more. I have received several sampler packs from the Erasable crew, and of course JetPens keeps bringing in some of the top brands from Japan like this Uni Mitsubishi 9000.

The 9000 is a standard issue wood case pencil with a range of ten different lead grades. I branched out a bit for this review, choosing the 3H instead of a normal middle grade. I hadn't used a lead this hard yet so I was interested to see what it is all about.

My tendencies lead me to firmer, finer pens so my tastes in pencils should be about the same, right? It seems to be that way because this 3H is fantastic. The worry with harder lead grades is that the lines are much lighter, but with the 9000 I found it to be completely acceptable. In fact, it's right on the money. My lines were sharp, consistent, and easily dark enough to read.

When used side by side with more mid-range lead grades like HB it is clearly lighter, but not as much as I thought it would be. And when you add in the slick green paint job and the phrase "Made By Elaborate Process" stamped into the barrel, there is a lot to like about this pencil. The only hangup for some may be the lack of eraser, but this is my preferred style.

At some point I will put together a Top 5 wood case pencil list, and the 9000 will get consideration for the back end of the list. The Tombow Mono and Blackwing 602 are my go to pencils still but I am keeping this Uni on the radar.

(JetPens provided this product to The Pen Addict at no charge for review purposes.)

Posted on April 13, 2015 and filed under Pencil Reviews, Uni.