Three Questions With Scott Fuller

I talk often about how the people I meet are the best thing that has come from this blog, and meeting them in person is even better. Resident ATL-ien Scott Fuller is the man behind The Studio Temporary and maker of some of the coolest designs on the planet. My thanks to Scott for answering Three Questions.

1. What role do analog tools such as pens, pencils, and paper play in your day to day life?

Oh, a huge part! Every day, project or list starts with these tools. I'll usually map out my day in my Field Notes (currently using an American Tradesman) and carry it with me wherever I go. Never leave home without your tools, right? My pen (a basic BIC) is always at the ready. With the amount of illustrations, logos and ideas I have running through my head, you never know when inspiration will strike!

There's a freedom with pencil/pen and paper that you don't get on a computer. And I would know; as much time as I spend sitting in front of that screen. I can erase sketches, fix angles and write things that only I can read. There's no default settings in a notebook. It's MINE.

I've heard it said before, but you really can chart your life with these tools. Looking through old design school sketchbooks, I could tell you EXACTLY what was happening in my life at that time. Granted, I don't have to look back as far as most...

2. What are your favorite products you are currently using?

Gotta give a shout out to the good folks at Field Notes; they really do make the best product on the market. As far as new tools go, I've started using old bullet pencils on a consistent basis. A few of them caught my eye during my latest junking excursion, and now I'm obsessed. My favorite so far is this little guy from Brunson Hardware. I mean, just look at that type! And portable like no other pencil I've ever used. 

For all you EDC folks out there, I tote all my gear around in a Booq Boa backpack. A real workhorse! I've had that bag for 4 years, but you'd think it was brand new. Those guys really know quality.

But where to store all these tools? My pocket, when I'm on the go, but Mike Dudek solved my desk storage problem with this beautiful block of mahogany and maple we recently collaborated on. That's my USA logo on the front! Thanks, Mike!

3. What creation or design of yours are you most proud of?

Can I choose two? Ok, cool. I have to say the Fountain Pen Day logo has been the biggest surprise of all. I didn't know that world even existed, and now my little logo I designed with Cary Yeager represents the movement? Crazy. And it opened the door to all you guys, so there's that, too.

But my favorite has to be the logo I recently designed for my dad's CNC machine shop: Canon Machine Services, Inc. Back in 1992, dad got to chose a logo from Office Depot, as a bonus for printing X amount of invoices or something. A micrometer for precision; that was always his m/o. And I couldn't save him from that design until now. The lessons dad taught me in my years there will last a lifetime, and now, so will his logo. Love you, dad!

Posted on April 4, 2015 and filed under Three Questions.