Beautiful New Pens At Pen Chalet (Sponsor)

Anyone with ink running through their veins like myself knows how great Pen Chalet is. Not only do they carry the top pens and inks on the market, they keep their virtual shelves stocked with wonderful new items.

The latest additions to the Platinum 3776 Century lineup have caught my eye as they have introduced rhodium trim to the fold. Not only that, they have an interesting take on translucent barrels with the new Black Diamond release. It is much darker than you would expect from a demonstrator style barrel with just a hint of opaqueness. It's quite stunning in pictures and I imagine even better looking in person.

Pen Chalet now also carries the Pilot Custom 912, which is one of my personal favorites. This model has only recently become available in the US market and would make a great addition to any fountain pen collection.

Ron and the crew at Pen Chalet do a wonderful job, even going so far as creating infographics to teach you about various pens and inks, like this great primer on Pelikan fountain pens.

My thanks to Pen Chalet for sponsoring The Pen Addict this week.

Posted on June 15, 2015 and filed under Featured Sponsor.