Sunderland mk1 - An Exceptionally Crafted Pen (Sponsor)

The Sunderland mk1 brings several unique design elements to its recent launch on Kickstarter. Designer and machinist Brad Sunderland has created a patent pending thread-on cap where the threads are hidden in the tip of the pen, unexposed to the user. This gives the pen a cleaner look and the added comfort of no threading to interfere with your grip.

Brad also machines his own pen clips from 17-4 stainless steel, as opposed to stamped clips found on many other metal pens. This serves to make the clip stronger and more durable. The flute down the center helps tune the stiffness of the clip in addition to adding visual appeal.

The mk1 comes in three finishes - Electroless Nickel, Anodized Clear, and Anodized Black - and uses both Montblanc Rollerball/Fineliner and Pilot G2 compatible refills. Yes, this means it fits the amazing Pilot Juice refill as well.

The Early Bird reward level for the Sunderland mk1 starts at just $65, with the regular price set at $75 and up for single pens, and a price break for multiple pens. Head over to the Kickstarter project page, watch the wonderful project video, and back the mk1 today!

Posted on July 20, 2015 and filed under Featured Sponsor.