The DC Pen Show Is Here!

The craziness that is the DC Pen Supershow is upon us, and if you want to follow the action here is where Jeff and myself will be posting throughout the show:

The Pen Addict Twitter

The Pen Addict Instagram

Nock Co. Twitter

Nock Co. Instagram

It seems like the primary hashtag for the show is #DCPenShow across all platforms, so follow along there as well. I'll hop on Periscope from time to time, and feel free to join the Pen Addict Slack Room and say hi in the pen show channel.

If you want to hunt me down in person, my schedule is as follows:

Thursday: Early afternoon hotel arrival, hotel bar in the evening. Friday: Wandering the show during the day, Pen Addict Meetup at 7pm in Seminar Room 1. Saturday and Sunday: Working the Vanness Pen table all day both days. Come say hi and buy some ink!

Posted on August 13, 2015 and filed under General.