Shachihata Artline Blox Pen Review

Sometimes a pen is more than a pen. The Shachihata Artline Blox is of course a pen, first and foremost, but with the addition of Lego-style attachments to the barrel, this pen is a great desk toy as well.

I'm a fidgeter by nature, and sometimes that doesn't bode well for the pens around me. Constant knock clicking, twirling, tapping are all things I do frequently, especially when stuck on a call at work. The Artline Blox lets me attach the pen bodies and caps together for even more mindless fun! The only catch is you need more than one to really build up the pen connections.

When it comes time to stop playing and start writing, the Blox does an excellent job as well. The felt tip reminds me of the Stabilo Point 88 in line width and colors, although you will pay more than twice as much for the Artline. Is it worth it? From a purely writing perspective, no. From a fun perspective? You be the judge.

I grabbed the black, orange, and light blue models from JetPens and have enjoyed them laying around the desk. Even if I am using other pens, the Blox hang out nearby for me to play around with. I may have to add a few more colors to the mix so I can complete a six pen circle of life!

(JetPens provided this product at no charge to The Pen Addict for review purposes.)

Posted on September 14, 2015 and filed under Drawing Pen, Pen Reviews, Shachihata.