Word. Notebooks Giveaway Winners

I had many reasons I wanted to run a giveaway for the latest Word. Notebooks Mountain Edition. One, I like giving stuff away. Two, I wanted to see how the vote broke down between Blue and Black covers. The results, from 108 entries:

  • Blue - 82
  • Black - 18
  • Abstain - 8

I fully admit to leading the witness in my review, but I don't think you can argue with the results. Blue is the clear winner in the eyes of the reader!

The third reason I ran this giveaway is I was curious to know how many of you employed a bit of game thoery in your response. Knowing Blue was the likely overwhelming choice, did anyone choose Black because their odds of just winning something would be much greater? I'll probably never know the true answer, but seeing this is how my brain works drop me a note if you did.

Now, on to the winners:

Congrats Becoming Sleek and Matt! Get in touch via the Contact Page in the next week and I'll get the notebooks headed your way.

Posted on September 24, 2015 and filed under Word, Notebooks, Giveaways.