Material Rebellion Large Pencil Roll Review

My family and my sister’s family try to get together each summer at my parents house for a little fun and relaxation. I always bring a big bag of stationery goodies for my niece, and this time, my niece brought something to show me as well.

Her Material Rebellion Pencil Roll caught my eye immediately when we were sitting around the table hanging out. It was so cool, vibrant, and well made - what is the story here? As it turns out, Jill Maldonado - aka the Head Rebel - has a studio in the same space as my sister’s bookbinding studio. How great is that?

Material Rebellion uses only reclaimed textiles to manufacture their goods, which ranges from bags, to journals, to blanket fort kits. Jill partners with Goodwill of the Berkshires to order clothing they cannot sell and turns them into awesomeness like this pencil roll.

And the roll itself is fantastic. The denim outer layer is thick, yet soft, and the rainbow patches on the interior match perfectly with the 12 included Crayola colored pencils. You can even choose the button color for the button loop closure on the exterior of the case.

It is hard to beat a fun and functional product like this, and when the story is as good as Material Rebellion’s it makes it that much better.

It doesn’t hurt that my niece is the model in some of the product pictures either.

My thanks to Jill and Material Rebellion for sending me this product at no charge for review purposes.

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Posted on October 17, 2016 and filed under Material Rebellion, Pen Case.