Zebra Sarasa Push Clip Vintage Blue Gray Gel Review

When I discuss my favorite gel ink pens, the Pilot Hi-Tec-C and the Uni-ball Signo DX hog the spotlight. And for good reason. They are both fantastic. The Zebra Sarasa Clip is on par with those, something I am reminded of the moment I take one out to use.

The latest addition to the lineup, the Sarasa Clip Vintage Color series, brings four new colors into the mix: Green Black, Red Black, Brown Gray, and Blue Gray. Five if you count Blue Black, but that is one color that is common across the gel ink spectrum, including previous Sarasa Clip releases.

I chose the Blue Gray model to test out, and the performance of the pen is as excellent as ever. The lines are consistent, sharp, and clean, making the Sarasa Clip lineup a pure joy to write with. Note that I say Sarasa Clip when referring to this Zebra gel ink pen. The regular Sarasa is not as nice as these. Long-time readers are aware of this, but it bears bringing up once again for new readers.

Blue Gray as an ink color wasn’t something that I ever thought I needed in my life, but the shade is better than anticipated. It is darker than I thought it would be, and looks fantastic on the gray grid of my Rhodia Ice Pad.

According to the name of the pen, the Clip is a feature, and it lives up to that billing. It is spring-loaded, giving it a tight fit while clipped to a pocket yet allowing it to open wide and clamp down on larger folders and pads of paper. It works well, and I’ve never had one break on me.

Historically, Zebra fights for third place in market share (or at least mind share) behind Pilot and Uni-ball. They are equally as high quality and inventive in my book, and don’t need to play third fiddle to anyone. Zebra, and the Sarasa Clip especially, are well worth checking out.

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Posted on December 26, 2016 and filed under Zebra, Sarasa, Pen Reviews.